Minority Report (2002)

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Japanese scientists and renowned criminologists have recently announced that they are very, very close to perfecting the PreCrime technology – PreCogs and all – seen in Minority Report.

Totally kidding, but you should still click the link.

Steven Spielberg’s 2002 futuristic crime drama displayed some pretty advanced technology – it was, after all, based in the year 2054. Spielberg consulted with a variety of scientists and tech experts over the course of production, creating what many consider to be the most realistic and plausible environments in sci-fi history.

Some of his predicted technologies have already been realized, like gesture-based computer interfaces, and retinal scanners, while others are still in the early stages, like the facial recognition-driven advertising software.

Fun Fact Round 2: Philip K. Dick wrote the book that inspired this movie, as well! The man was a genius!


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