Her (2013)

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Probably not one you expected to see here, eh? Believe it or not, Spike Jonze’s 2013 RomCom / Sci-Fi mashup is based around (and rooted in) entirely plausible speculative science. A fully self-aware and sentient AI is no new plot device, but Jonze’s vision and story introduces quite a bit of technology that is (surprisingly) only a few years away.

Since the film is based in a not-so-distant future, there’s not a ton of science or fiction to speak of. However, the science that it does rely on has garnered praise from authorities like Ray Kurzweil, renowned computer scientist, inventor, and futurist. (Futurists are scientists that try to systematically create and explore predictions and possibilities about the future. Thanks, Interwebs!)

Kurzweil had this to say about the film:

“[Her] compellingly presents the core idea that a software program (an AI) can – will – be believably human and lovable. This is a breakthrough concept in cinematic futurism in the way that The Matrix presented a realistic vision that virtual reality will ultimately be as real as, well, real reality.”

Putting his mystical futurist powers on full display, Kurzweil suggested that we would see certain tech from the film (like that trash-talking videogame character and the itty-bitty face cameras) as early as 2020. Sadly, he doesn’t think we’ll see AI as advanced as Samantha until 2029.

Guess that means I’ll remain single for another decade or so…

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