Facebook’s new anti-fake news strategy is not going to work – but something else might
Have you seen some “tips to spot fake news” on your Facebook newsfeed recently? Over the past year, the social media company has been scrutinized
Police around the world learn to fight global-scale cybercrime
Frank J. Cilluffo, George Washington University; Alec Nadeau, George Washington University, and Rob Wainwright, University of Exeter From 2009 to 2016
Deep sea mining could help develop mass solar energy – is it worth the risk?
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Why we don’t trust robots
Joffrey Becker, Collège de France Robots raise all kinds of concerns. They could steal our jobs, as some experts think. And if artificial intelligenc
Artificial Intelligence
We could soon face a robot crimewave … the law needs to be ready
Christopher Markou, University of Cambridge This is where we are at in 2017: sophisticated algorithms are both predicting and helping to solve crimes
Artificial Intelligence