Boston Dynamics will start selling its dog-like SpotMini robot in 2019
After 26 years, Boston Dynamics is finally getting ready to start selling some robots. Founder Marc Raibert says that the company’s dog-like SpotMin
This Cryptocurrency Could Save The World
The prospect of shifting gears from simply making money to being paid for performing scientific research with your computer is more than just enticing
Make Calls Over Wifi Only With Your Outdated Smart Phone
Outdated smart phones are still useful for making phone calls, and best of all it can be totally free! Skype is the first that comes to mind, then of
Use Your Old Smartphone As A Free Web Server
There are all sorts of free web server apps, which are useful for hosting your own website from home without having to pay anything. Of course, you ar
Make Your Windows Phone a Gaming Phone
Of course you could use your phone for gaming as well as other things, but a lot of apps can begin to clutter your phone up, and you only have so much
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