5 Tricks Bernie Sanders Could Have Up His Sleeve For July And Beyond

As the suspense grows and grassroots organizers get ready to head to Philly on July 25th, there’s been a considerable amount of speculation that Bernie Sanders is planning something major for the Democratic National Convention..

Mainstream media outlets have all but abandoned Bernie Sanders as a potential Democratic nominee for president in 2016, but are they right to dismiss him so soon? Our investigation says no — here’s why.

First, there seems to be a few conflicting but hope-inspiring reports from people close to the Sanders campaign that the seasoned politician has more than just a couple cards up his sleeve. While perusing a heavily trafficked Bernie Sanders Facebook group, I came upon the following post:


Despite Hillary Clinton being dubbed the “presumptive nominee” (a title the Associated Press came up with, and which the mainstream media then took and ran with), she did not actually win the 2383 delegates she needs yet, since superdelegates don’t vote until July 25th. But another major factor is the fact that California ballots have still not finished being counted. As of right now, both San Francisco and Los Angeles have flipped from Hillary to Bernie since the CA primary ended on June 7th. What’s most important, however, is not how Bernie Sanders could flip superdelegates either before or at the convention in July, but what Sanders might do as a plan B. Or a plan C. Or a plan D. Or a plan E (and yes there may actually be a plan E!).

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