Can Bernie Sanders Flip Enough Superdelegates By July 25th?

As Politico’s Daniel Strauss put it, flipping enough superdelegates to Bernie Sanders by July 25th is a “moonshoot” that would “require an astonishing feat of political engineering” — but is Sanders capable of pulling it off?

When Jeff Weaver told CNN’s Jake Tapper that superdelegates don’t vote until July 25th, he had to repeat himself a few times because Tapper just couldn’t wrap his head around why Sanders would continue. It’s most likely because Sanders understands that a lot can happen in a month, and things don’t exactly look good for Hillary Clinton regarding criminal allegations.

There’s enough evidence of improper conduct by the DNC, voter suppression, and even rigged voter machines to convince Bernie supporters that she’s not an honest politician, but how to get superdelegates to vote for Bernie? Most would say “Via his platform” but, unfortunately, the DNC already struck down an amendment proposed by Minnesota Representative Keith Ellison to demand a raise of the minimum wage to $15/hr and opposing the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) at a vote of 6 in favor to 8 not. This (if not the entire primary season) is a foreshadow to how the superdelegates are going to vote at the convention and most likely means Bernie will not successfully flip enough of them to win the nomination.

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