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    4. Running With Jill Stein on the Green Party Ticket

    Stein has extended more than just an olive branch to Bernie Sanders by saying she would welcome a Green Party run with Sanders on the ticket, to which Sanders replied on a KABC-TV 7 News interview, “Right now, our goal is to win the Democratic nomination.” Salon speculates that his avoidance of answering the question means he’s leaving the door open, having this to say in early June:

    “Sanders leaving the door open to a Sanders-Stein ticket comes at a time when polls show unprecedented support for a candidate to challenge Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. This week NBC found that 47% of voters would consider a third-party candidate if Clinton and Trump were the major-party nominees. In the last week, two other polls found a large minority will vote for a third party this year. Schoen Consulting found 20% of voters would vote for a third party against Clinton and Trump with 14% undecided; Data Targeting Inc. found 21% would do so with 14% undecided.”

    This may actually be Bernie’s best chance at winning the presidency since the Green party is already making up about 8% of the voter pool.

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