WATCH: Trump Tower Climber Video Reveals He Is Trump Supporter Seeking ‘Private Audience’

Over a million people tuned into mainstream media live on Facebook and Youtube today to see a young man climbing Trump Tower with suction cups who says he did it to get Trump’s attention because he has “an important matter” to talk to Trump about

The young man, known as “Steve from Virginia”, apparently posted a video explaining why he climbed Trump Tower today, a stunt which prompted first-responders to corner him by removing windows from the inside, eventually grabbing and pulling the man inside the building around the 21st floor.

Speculation was already abound regarding the purpose of this stunt, but a video surfaced from a youtube account posted yesterday, August 9th, which shows what appears to be the same young man saying he is trying to request a meeting with Donald Trump regarding an “important matter” and that this was the only way to get his attention.

Take a look at the video below:

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