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Ecuadorian Embassy Gets Surrounded By Police Amidst Twitter DDoS Attack

Shortly before a massive DDoS attack against DynDNS, who serves Twitter, Pinterest, Spotify and other large internet services, Wikileaks tweeted that the Ecuadorian embassy was being surrounded by heavily armed police since Tuesday

Just hours before the massive internet service outage, Wikileaks tweeted a photo of heavily armed police outside the embassy, a photo which was taken Tuesday and presumably still valid today:

Julian Assange may have asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy, but since Saturday he no longer has the ability to communicate with the outside world via the internet. The move was instructed by the Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa in response to pressure from U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry after a treasure trove of emails from John Podesta, Clinton campaign’s chief official, was leaked over the past month.

Since our main source of info from Wikileaks was Twitter, details about the development are scarce, but we do know that the DDoS attack targeted a DNS service that works with Twitter, Spotify, Netflix, Shopify, Pinterest and other large websites, so the attack may not be related. However, if the U.S. wanted to silence Wikileaks while they arrested Assange, this would be one way to do it, albeit at the expense of a whole host of services that were not complicit in any Wikileaks events.

While the cyber attack may cause millions of dollars of lost revenue, if it was carried out by the NSA, or some other U.S. intelligence organization, we all know that something that is “a matter of national security” trumps all other things.

The Twitter outage comes just hours after the Wikileaks official Twitter account tweeted that they had a surprise in store for Time Kain and Donna Brazile, Hillary’s VP and DNC chairwoman respectively.

UPDATE: DynDNS service has been restored and Twitter is back up, with a tweet from Wikileaks asking hackers to stop the DDoS for the good of what Wikileaks is trying to do. They also tweeted a somewhat cryptic message regarding U.S. “instruments of state” attempting to silence them:

Hillary Clinton’s Dirty Plot Against Julian Assange Uncovered By Redditors

A Reddit user managed to get to the bottom of the false accusations of pedophilia against Julian Assange and it’s straight from Hillary Clinton’s desk

A few days ago, the Ecuadoran embassy in London decided to cut off Julian Assange’s internet access for unknown reasons, but rumors quickly spread regarding an allegation that he had been sending naked photos of himself to an 8-year-old girl through a dating site and that he had an open investigation against him by the Royal Bahama Police Force (RBPF) regarding the matter. The claim is absolutely false and, as it turns out, looks to have been fabricated by a contracted company named Premise Data Corporation in San Francisco, according to a very curious reddit user.

The allegation that Assange was being investigated, and the story that went along with it, broke through Daily Kos, a website where anyone can sign up and post articles related to politics. The article has since been deleted and replaced with a message saying “I’ve deleted the post because the evidence was fabricated.” And, as it turns out, Buzzfeed helped to prove that the allegation was not true when they contacted the RBPF and were told that no investigation exists by its assistant commissioner, Stephen Dean, who also said the RBPF was given information about the case, but that no complainant had ever followed up on it.

So then, where did this story come from?

The origin of the story can be traced to Premise Data Corporation, the CEO of which who is a close friend of Hillary Clinton, as redditors discovered. Premise is a global intelligence operation (aka spies) harvesting and harnessing big data, a private corporation based in San Francisco, and whose street address happens to be the same address that dating website Todd and Clare uses.

Todd and Clare had put out a press release on October 11th claiming Assange had approached them about being the ambassador to their anti-rape campaign promoting their KATIA software in June 2016, but had since used the website to lure an 8-year-old girl into performing sex acts. Following this release, the United Nations Global Compact group, which T&C had recently joined in an effort to promote gender equality internationally, dropped T&C citing misuse of both the UNGC logo and reporting procedure, along with violating UNGC’s Integrity Measures, according to UNGC’s Communications Chief Carrie A. Hall in an article from Buzzfeed today.  T&C had aligned themselves with the United Nations in order to “bluewash” their brand, or use the UN affiliation to boost sales around the world. But now it looks like they had done it to smear Assange’s name.

Basically, Todd and Clare tried to make it look like the lies they were spreading about Assange came from an official United Nations desk.  But it gets worse.

In another press release from February 2016, T&C explains how their KATIA system works, and it sounds just like something a government intelligence organization like the NSA would use to find terrorists, complete with facial recognition software and background checks. T&C says they use this technology to weed out sex offenders and get their female customers the best matches possible.

T&C Network Solutions, the official name of Todd and Clare Hammond’s dating website, may actually be a front organization for Premise. The site claims to have over 40,000 female users, according to their blog, but if you ask anyone you know, nobody has ever even heard of T&C. Since they share the same address and are in the same industry, it wasn’t too far of a stretch to assume there may be something fishy going on, so reddit user sf-78lXQwy_7 decided to look a little deeper. Low and behold, the CEO and founder of Premise, David Soloff, had posted an image of himself with Hillary Clinton back in July this year. Soloff’s linkedin profile is astonishing. A graduate of Columbia University and UC Berkley, Soloff holds a PhD in Economic and Social History and a Bachelors in linguistics, two areas which are perfect for anyone looking to make an impact on the world through intelligence operations.

On the board of directors page, another name linked to Hillary Clinton shows up, Larry Summers. Summers is a Harvard professor, and former president of the university, who now is next in line to be Treasury Secretary under Clinton’s inevitable presidency, a position he held under her husband’s presidency in the 1990s.

Another board member for Premise is Antonio Gracias, who also happens to be Hillary’s campaign bundler.  But what’s most obvious to the link between Hillary and the false accusation from T&C is that Larry Summers is Center for American Progress was founded by John Podesta, whose emails had been hacked and are currently being leaked by Wikileaks. (And George Soros funds the Center).

Further investigation by Assange’s defense team yielded a thorough report of their findings on T&C as a business, saying, “It is our conclusion that T&C Network Solutions exhibits the characteristics of a highly suspicious and likely fabricated business entity.”  They go on to note that no official records exist for T&C Network Solutions, none of the phone numbers associated with the organization were operational, the social media profiles for the company are all followed by zombie accounts (aka fake profiles) to inflate its presence, the first capture on Archive.org for the site is in October 2015, user profile pics on the site were clearly scraped from the web and altered slightly to avoid reverse image searches, the woman listed as the domain’s registrar doesn’t seem to exist in relation to Todd and Clare, and probably the most damning piece of evidence of it all: Todd and Clare themselves don’t seem to exist either.

Today, Wikileaks has claimed it was Secretary of State John Kerry who pressured Ecuador into cutting off Assange’s internet, to which Kerry hasn’t commented on and other members of the White House have denied.

A full list of relative sources for uncovering this smear against Assange is below:
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ARCHIVE and Read the archive instead – [Info from 4chan so take with a grain of salt]

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> White House Visitation Records
Summary: Visitation records of civilians meeting those in the White House. Archival made to preserve incase of tampering.

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Summary: On June 8, 2016, ToddandClare.com was contacted by a representative of Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, stating that due to MIT Professor Noam Chomsky’s support in the KATIA Project, Mr Assange was interested in becoming a #HeForShe Ambassador for KATIA
https://archive.is/1gm2W – Last Updated 10/19/16 3:35am CST
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> Bipartisanreport.com – Smear piece on Julian Assange
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Ecuadorian Embassy Cuts Off Julian Assange’s Internet Access

The Ecuadorian Embassy in London has finally been pressured to silence one of the biggest whistleblower and media activists of our time.

In a tweet that got over 36k retweets early this morning, Wikileaks announced that CEO Julian Assange had his internet access revoked by a ‘state party’. Wikileaks later tweeted it was in fact Ecuador who had cut off his internet after the release of Hillary Clinton’s Goldman Sachs transcripts on Saturday.

Assange, who has been in refuge at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for over four years now after Sweden issued a warrant for his arrest alleging sexual assault, has not spoken publicly regarding this recent development and it’s likely we won’t hear from him anytime soon. However, his Wikileaks operatives are carrying out what they call “appropriate contingency plans” and should not be faltered or deterred from Wikileaks’ planned weekly releases, said to continue until well past the election on November 8th.

Rumors quickly spread over the internet that Assange might have died, due to a series of tweets from the Wikileaks account late Sunday evening which included coded messages using sha256sum encryption, but a twitter account claiming to be the infamous hacker collective Anonymous explained to the public that these messages were not “dead man’s keys”.

Wikileaks later confirmed that Assange’s internet had been cut by the Ecuadorian Embassy shortly after the release of the Goldman Sachs speeches.

If this is the case, then what is the link between Goldman Sachs, Hillary Clinton and Ecuador? As it turns out, two years ago Ecuador decided to liquidate a substantial amount of gold bars worth $600 million through Goldman Sachs. The deal reportedly included a buy back within three years (2017) at the current cost of gold. The Ecuadorian central bank said they did this because keeping gold bars around in vaults required money for maintenance, saying

“These interventions in the gold market represent the beginning of a new and permanent strategy of active participation by the bank, through purchases, sales and financial operations, that will contribute to the creation of new financial investment opportunities.”

On the popular social media website Reddit.com, users of the subreddit r/Wikileaks have started a thread regarding the situation with a whole host of theories about the whereabouts and constitution of the infamous whistleblower, but nothing too substantial as of yet aside from reports that Assange “is fine” from those close to the embassy in London. A user from another subreddit supporting Donald Trump posted photos of the embassy and said there was higher than usual mail delivery on Monday, claiming to have spoken to neighbors about the activity and even snapping a few photos of government vehicles outside the embassy.

Meanwhile, the Ecuadorian government released a statement claiming that they are still protecting Assange and giving him asylum, “Ecuador will continue to protect Julian Assange and uphold the political asylum granted to him in 2012.”

The small country of Ecuador rests on quite the lucrative oil reserve at a whopping 846 million barrels of heavy crude oil right under their feet. Unfortunately, in order to dig up the oil, Ecuador would have to go through its extremely biodiverse and vibrant rain forest, one which is protected by various environmental advocacy groups. Ecuador’s oil reserves are basically untouchable for the time being and make the country have a hard time using it as collateral for their economy these days. This could be a good case for United States interventionists like Hillary Clinton to want to control Ecuador, considering it’s one of the few sovereign countries in the world who uses the U.S. dollar as its main currency.