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Smoking CBD Hemp May Ease Your Arthritis Pain

Arthritis is one of the many “silent” ailments affecting the nation. While you don’t hear as much about arthritis as you do other headline-grabbing conditions, the truth is that over 20 million people suffer with severe, debilitating arthritis pain every single day. Luckily, CBD hemp may be the answer.

Arthritis is also a condition that is not well understood by most people. Arthritis can be much more than simply “joint pain.” There are actually over 100 different types of arthritis, and while some may cause local discomfort in the fingers, others can also cause a number of other serious symptoms: sensitivity and pain throughout the entire body, sciatica that makes normal activity difficult, even depression and low energy.

Moreover, there is no “cure” for most forms of arthritis. Nor are all forms fully understood. Those diagnosed with the condition must therefore, instead, consider ways to manage the pain and maintain an acceptable quality of life.

CBD hemp might provide an answer.

What is CBD Hemp and How Does it Treat Arthritis Pain?

CBD is a cannabinoid that comes from the hemp plant. While it can be extracted from cannabis, it is NOT psychoactive like THC and will not cause a person to get “high”.

What CBD can do however, is to treat both inflammation AND pain. It does this by binding to a network of cell receptors called the endocannabinoid system. These cells are responsible for controlling such things as mood, memory, immune function, appetite, sleep, and pain.

Seeing as many forms of arthritis are autoimmune conditions – meaning that the body is attacking itself (thus leading to inflammation/swelling) – CBD appears to be beneficial in reducing that swelling. What’s more, is that CBD can help to improve the mood AND reduce the experience of the pain.

For these reasons, more and more people are now using CBD-based products to manage arthritis symptoms – with extremely promising results.

Why Smoke CBD?

While CBD hemp can be taken in many forms, oral use (using a pill) is not the most effective for treating your arthritis. This is because orally ingested CBD has low “bioavailability.” This means that while you might have consumed a certain amount of CBD, only a small portion of that will be usable by your body.

In other words, are you actually benefiting from the CBD that you’re taking? That’s a pretty significant question. If you’re swallowing a pill and only getting 10% of the dose effectively, then you’re throwing money down the drain. Most importantly, you’re not getting the effects, which you may need to function more normally.

Sublingual actually means beneath the tongue and this is one way that you can use any orally ingested psychoactive compound. By placing the pill beneath your tongue, it will actually dissolve more quickly and enter the blood stream. But while sublingual administration is preferable to simply swallowing, the fact still remains that pills won’t be as potent as vaping or smoking.

Another issue with using any pill form of drug is that you are introducing more chemicals and ingredients into your system. Pills need binding agents and coatings and in some rare cases, these can cause allergic reactions. And while marijuana use is now legal in California, it’s still possible that you might have acquired the substance from a less well-regulated source (shall we say…) – meaning that there’s a high chance it may have been contaminated or even cut with other things. Apart from anything else, smoking CBD hemp cigarettes and vaping CBD hemp are definitely more hygienic!