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How Nootropics Have Changed The Trading Landscape

If you’re a trader who isn’t biohacking, you could be missing the trade of the century..

Traders who aren’t using nootropics on a daily basis are behind the game of millions of other traders worldwide who are. I’m not saying this to make you feel bad, it’s just a fact that you can’t perform your best trades on low energy. It means you don’t have the competitive edge that so many other traders have. The good news is that the power is in your hands to take charge of your trading, and you can start by familiarizing yourself with nootropic “smart drugs”.

Nootropics have come to the forefront of the trading market and the tech arena in recent years due to their beneficial effects on cognitive function. And in the world of business and finance, outsmarting each other and the market is what it’s all about. This can be especially true when trading due to the massive impact a whale (or heavy investor) can have on a market. Understanding how to read ever-changing markets and charts is crucial and, if you’re struggling just to stay awake, you’re not going to make the best trades. Even if you’re wide awake, most days you have a limit as to how much brain power you can put into your work. That’s why nootropics are rapidly changing how trading is done in exchanges across the globe by giving traders “limitless” brain power to carry out the best trading strategies.

The Competitive Edge

Since nootropics became an interest in recent years, they’ve especially sparked a frenzy in the world of online traders. Much like how trading bots made trading more automated and faster, biohacking with nootropics made trading strategies more well thought out.

Traders who use nootropics report a higher success rate of around 30% ROI — that’s better trades without falling victim to Fear, Uncertainty and Despair (FUD), or Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO), two common problems even veteran traders face. That’s why, if you aren’t taking nootropics, you’re simply that much further behind everyone else who is.

Making profitable trades isn’t just about whether you make money on your trade or not, it’s also about how much money you make in profit. Someone could have a 70% success rate on their trades, but only make a 3% ROI. This means they always need to invest large sums in order for that 3% to be worth the time, energy, fees and stress involved in the trade.

Now, what if you were making closer to a 33% return on your investment? You could make more money faster and thus reach your financial goals that much quicker in your life. Not a bad deal for taking a couple pills every day.

What Are Nootropics?

If you don’t know what nootropics are, all you need to know is that they are time-tested, safe chemicals that can help your brain work at peak performance, often called “smart drugs” or “brain pill”. Best of all, these smart drugs are non-prescription and most of them can be bought over the counter throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia. A raw definition of a nootropic would be a “cognitive enhancer”, which means it boosts your memory, motivation, concentration and even mood.

It’s obvious why traders recommend them now, isn’t it?

Nootropics aren’t just a fad, they are a competitive edge, the type that you can’t get away with in sports. They turn novice traders into trading monsters within days. They allow traders to work around the clock with virtually no side effects. They help traders find the best signals without falling victim to trading traps like buying too late or selling too early.

And that’s why traders around the world are using nootropic products to biohack their way to riches.

Take Anthony B. from Manhattan, New York for example. When he first started taking the nootropic stack Nooflex, he said his entire trading strategy changed and he now makes a 48% return on most of his investments.

“Before I was into biohacking, I was constantly stressed out, tired and just generally miserable after every day of trading. I ended up almost closing all my open margins and moving to a cheap city to just live for a while and relax,” he says.

“But after taking nootropics, within a week or so I started noticing just how much better my trades were becoming. At first I thought it was a coincidence, but then I noticed that I hadn’t been stressed for a while and felt calm and focused almost every minute I was at work. I even forgot to drink coffee because I never felt like I needed it.”

When asked what his routine was, he replied, “I was taking noopept and pramiracetam with every meal, but later on I tried a few stacks until I found the one that worked the best, which was Nooflex.”

What’s a Nootropic Stack?

A nootropic “stack” is a combination of these drugs meant to give the best brain boost for your buck. Some nootropics are stimulants while others are depressants, and then there are some that simply help your body function better as well as your mind. Stacks have a mix of all of these, and there are some creative ones on the market today.

The important thing to remember about a stack is that it’s meant to increase the benefits of taking daily supplements without having to take more pills. Many vitamin supplements and herbal supplements are larger pills that contain more than your body will actually use. You can cut some of that down and replace it with cognitive enhancers and cut your daily dosages in half.

Another benefit to taking a stack is that the few benign side effects that some nootropics have can be offset with another nootropic or herb. That’s why Nooflex is quickly becoming the preferred nootropic stack of many people today.

Nooflex: A Mind-Body Stack

Traders undergo more than just stress and anxiety on a daily basis. They also get fatigued and depressed more easily because they are working at peak capacity all day long. That’s why taking only one type of nootropic isn’t advisable as a stimulant alone could wear you out even more when it leaves your system (much like caffeine and sugar crashes), and a depressant could outright put you to sleep. That’s why Nooflex is the only stack on the market that protects not just your brain but your body as well.

What you get in every bottle of Nooflex is a well-known memory stimulant and cognitive enhancer, a choline which helps bind these two chemicals to proteins in your digestive system, and a pre-drug that turns into a strong body stimulant through the process of digestion. In addition to that, this stack contains omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and fiber, all which help slow down the aging process and promote a strong digestive system.

Simply put, this is the healthiest nootropic stack on the market, so if you’re looking to try nootropics but are weary of the health effects, Nooflex is your answer.

You can currently purchase Nooflex from their website at a 75% discount from the list price along with free bottles during their flash sales if you catch them on time (they show up sporadically). And as brain pills go, I can tell you that most on the market aren’t cheap, so 75% off is probably the best deal you’re going to get.

What’s more is that if you remain a customer for multiple orders they’ll just start sending you free samples of other products as a “thank you”, something most companies wouldn’t dream of doing. I guess they really like their customers!  And it shows with their stellar customer support.

Check out Nooflex and other nootropic stacks at http://nooflex.com before their flash sale is over!

Lars Beniger
Lars is a freelance journalist, part-time activist, copywriter and technical writer residing in the Manhattan, New York area. For 7 years, Lars has reported on current events, political spars, technology and environmental issues.