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Abby Martin Arrested At Democratic Convention

Progressive Journalist Abby Martin was arrest today at the Democratic National Convention today for apparently no reason at all

Member of the Ring of Fire network, and investigative journalist for teleSUR, Abby Martin, and her “Empire Files” producer Mike Prysner, were peacefully walking down a Philadelphia street when Martin was suddenly arrested for “disorderly conduct” during the Democratic convention, according to The Ring Of Fire’s website.

Prysner tweeted pics of the event, and a photo of Martin right after being released, seemingly in a taxi.

Accord to Ring of Fire,

“Martin and Prysner were attempting to comply with officers and leave the scene when Martin was forcibly grabbed by police, her dress ripped in in the process, handcuffed, and arrested.”

The story is still unfolding, so not much is currently known. TROFire.com reports that, according to legal advocates for the protesters, around 28 people have been arrested today and are being held in an undisclosed location.

WATCH: Abby Martin Explains How Bernie Endorsing Hillary Would Be Disasterous

Investigative journalist Abby Martin got heated during an interview with Paul Jay of The Real News when he said he felt that Trump had a worse foreign policy than Hillary. And she was right.

In a heated debate between herself and Paul Jay of The Real News yesterday, Abby Martin gave her reasoning for not supporting Bernie Sanders if he decided to endorse Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton has a disastrous foreign policy when it comes to carrying out human rights abuses, toppling governments and anything imperialistic that gives wet dreams to neo-conservatives in Washington at night. For Bernie Sanders to endorse her would go directly against everything he’s spoken against throughout his entire presidential campaign for the Democratic Party.

Abby Martin Blows The Lid Off The Clinton Criminal Empire

“As a woman, I completely reject Hillary’s bourgeois brand of feminism because it leaves out millions of immigrant women, poor women, and the women under her bombs.”

Abby Martin has a strong history of exposing the truth about the American elite establishment through thorough investigative journalism.  After a two-year gig at RT America, Martin helped create the documentary film  99%: The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film (2013) and now hosts her own show teleSUR English called The Empire files. She’s interviewed strong advocates of true democracy such as Chris Hedges and Noam Chomsky, among others.

In this video, Martin shows the clear criminal intent of both Bill and Hillary Clinton, exposing the long line of ulterior motives that include raking in billions of dollars from the worst people in the world through their Clinton Foundation supposed charity and then helping criminal empires make more money, while pocketing millions for themselves. She also shows the clear connection and influence the Clintons have over the mainstream media and political sphere.

Watch this video all the way through and share at will…