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Space Station Escaped The Threat of Debris From An Old Rocket
Can you imagine all of that floating space junk someday becoming a threat decades after it ends up in space? Just earlier today (Dec. 3) at around 3 a
How To Cautiously Use Vitamin D To Protect Yourself From COVID-19
Yes, vitamin D will help, but watch your levels. Exploring the link between Vitamin D and COVID-19 has been excruciatingly complex. At first you think
Fox News Contributor Steven Milloy Promotes Junk Climate Science On Twitter
Frequent contributor to Fox News Steven Milloy retweeted a Politico story about climate change to suggest that CO2 won’t kill Earth because Venu
Celestial Bodies
Elon Musk: Free Rides Under LA Coming Soon, Then DC To NYC
The tech entrepreneur recently tweeted that tunnels under Los Angeles were almost completed and that free rides under the city would be offered soon.
Legendary Theoretical Physicist Stephen Hawking Dead at 76
Easily the most famous scientist in the world, renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has died at the age of 76 peacefully at his home in Cambridge in the
China bans 553 car models in fight against smog
Beijing — China makes a massive move towards a smogless society with its ban of over 500 car models that have been proven to contribute to urban
Climate Change
Scientists discover how the brain’s hypothalamus controls ageing – and manage to slow it down
If you are reading this and you don’t smoke, then your major risk factor for dying is probably your age. That’s because we have nearly eliminated
Scientists Say There’s Plenty Of Wind Over Oceans To Power Entire Planet
If humans have enough turbines running in the ocean, we could generate enough electricity to power the entire human race, says new research from the N
Climate Change
Use Your Old Smartphone As A Free Web Server
There are all sorts of free web server apps, which are useful for hosting your own website from home without having to pay anything. Of course, you ar
6 Ways You Can Still Use Your Windows Phone
The announcement over the weekend that windows phones were now “dead” sounded severe, but the truth is that Microsft only means they won&#
Using Your Windows Phone For Media Only
If you end up not using your Windows Phone as an actual phone anymore because you bought a new one, you don’t need to let it collect dust on the
Cassini’s Last Moments In Space Before Landfall
For NASA’s Saturn explorer, the end will come all too quickly. Cassini, NASA’s explorer of Saturn, remaining life is now measured in just a few da
It rains solid diamonds on Neptune and Uranus
Scientists forecast rain storms of solid diamonds on two of the solar system’s most interesting planets The obvious question any entrepreneur mi
Celestial Bodies
Study Proves Exxon Spent Millions Misleading Public About Climate Change
An academic study published Tuesday in the journal of Environmental Research Letters at IOPScience provides more evidence that oil giant ExxonMobil sp
Climate Change
Elon Musk Posts New SpaceX Space Suit To Instagram
Eccentric billionaire Elon Musk posted an image of an astronaut in a SpaceX space suit to Instagram this week, saying it wasn’t just a mock-up a