Libertarian Party Candidate Strips Naked On C-Span During Convention

Just yesterday NBC asked if the Libertarian Party was ready for prime time. It appears it is not.

You can argue that, when James Weeks, candidate for chairman of the Libertarian Party, stripped down to a thong and danced live on C-Span, the world saw something that it wasn’t quite ready for but needed: people expressing themselves and being human. The argument gets weak, however, when faced with the consequences of the entire party not being taken seriously by the other major political parties and, well, anyone.

When NBC asked the world “Is The Libertarian Party Ready For Prime Time?” this isn’t quite what they expected to happen later that day, and for good reason: politics aren’t an after party, it’s serious stuff. Libertarianism, a political philosophy that embraces legalized drugs and prostitution, tends to miss the point, that organizing with a structure of leadership equates to government, and that requires clear thought and staying focused on the issues.

If the party wants to break down government, a sure way to do that would be to distract everyone involved in policy decisions by stripping and dancing while they’re having a serious discussion. That way, nothing will ever get done and the group will eventually disperse from boredom or being drained by trying to get back on task.