It’s Time To File A Class Action Lawsuit Against The Biggest Media Outlets

The mainstream media has engaged in a magnitude of manipulative behavior colluding with the Hillary Clinton campaign throughout the 2016 presidential election

In 2003, I went to a public FCC hearing in Richmond, VA regarding the deregulation of the media. I didn’t quite know what I was going to watch, I just knew that deregulation was the opposite of what I believed in. Regulation, after all, is how we keep our system in check. Without it, virtually anything could happen in the market. I contacted various activists in the area to find out more about the hearing, when it was, where it was, what would be covered, and how to handle talking into the microphone if I had the courage to stand up and speak my mind. I was all ready, all set and pumped by the apparent large response from the activist community and headed out to the city. There was only one problem: it snowed.

And when I say “it snowed”, I mean it was basically a blizzard, or at least in Virginian terms. People were at the grocery store stocking up like it was the apocalypse. Plows were already on the street before the snow hit; soccer moms were wrapping their kids in 8 layers of waterproof puffy coats. You’d think, with all this terror over a snowstorm, that they’d reschedule the hearing.


And this was the first time I really learned how politics works: The people in charge use anything and everything to their advantage. I was even, at least back then, reading about weather modification programs and thinking, “I bet they made this happen,” because it was just too perfect to have unsafe driving conditions and school closings on a day when one of the most important decisions regarding our societal system was discussed publicly. That was a conspiracy theory, but the result of the hearing was not.

After that day, the FCC ignored the public’s outcries and deregulated the media. That’s when, suddenly, the sound volume of TV shows were either too loud or too soft compared to the commercials, and vice versa. But, more importantly, it’s when cross-promotion started (TBS commercials on TNT, etc) and buying influence on a media channel got a whole lot easier.

Today, we’re experiencing the worst of it. The media is flat out lying to us and covering up important stories about the most important election of our lifetime.

Just the other day, a public hearing was held with the NYC Board of Elections where a man stood up and prominently displayed proof of how the voting machines were rigged in 20 counties. This is national news, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, we haven’t heard a peep from the mainstream news about this important event, much less any of the other hundreds of events surrounding the Bernie Sanders campaign. It’s no wonder, if you listen to Bernie Sanders speak — if a presidential candidate was saying your media company is corrupt, wouldn’t you want to black them out?

The thing is, media regulation would solve this issue. Fair reporting, however, is a thing of the past. And that’s why we should take back the media, boycott the mainstream and start a class-action lawsuit against them for intentionally ignoring things like election fraud and promoting only select presidential candidates.

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