VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Officially Most Unfavorable Democrat Candidate In History

Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks put it all into perspective today when he explained that, according to a recent Gallup poll, Hillary Clinton’s ratings are still going down while Bernie’s are going up.

Gallup polls are typically conducted on a sampling of around 3,500 people per week on political and economic issues facing the United States. The polling is conducted via phone calls to random people over age 18 in every U.S. state. Because of this, Cenk is right when he says that Gallup gives us some of the most remarkably accurate data.

In this poll of the likability of the two remaining Democratic presidential candidates, it’s clear that Hillary Clinton’s favorability rating has continued to go down since last year.

One reason for this could be that her favorility tends to go up after debates, so she could have maintained her rating if she kept debating. One thing is for certain, however: Bernie Sanders continues to surge and is still on a steady path to winning the nomination, despite what the mainstream media will have their watchers think…

Watch the video below:

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