Dr. Arliss Loveless

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10 Best Cinematic Cyborgs

The loss of two legs, a spleen, a bladder, thirty-plus feet of small intestine, and, um, certain reproductive parts would put most men in the grave. Dr. Arliss Loveless is not most men, and survives these grievous injuries. Putting along in a nifty team-powered wheel-chair, the man continues to perfect his plans for global domination, somehow managing to dress like a true gentleman every step of the way.

In a series of pure Wild West power moves, Loveless surrounds himself with a cohort of stunning (and lethal) female sidekicks, creates a whole bunch of steam-powered machines of war, and turns himself into a creepy mechanical spider. *Shivers* Quite unnecessary, really.

Wild Wild West might have been down-right AWFUL, but Dr. Loveless remains one of the better cyborgs in film.

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