Disturbing Mars Weather Concerns NASA About Affects of Sun Spots On Earth

Recently, NASA revealed about some sensitive details concerning massive storms that destroyed Mars’ atmosphere. They went on to enquire how ready are we to accept and combat such a “high impact event.” This announcement comes after NASA’s Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) spacecraft, which spotted how the massive storm that, stripped away the planet’s atmosphere.

Commenting on this activity, Joe Grebowsky, MAVEN’s project scientist said that solar storms and wind corrosion is the key reason for atmospheric loss, and was the main cause for the major changes in the Martian climate.

Post September 2014, MAVEN has pointed out this storm to be the largest. The most important reason why it has become a cause of concern is that such abnormal weather activity can hamper technology-based infrastructures and give rise to many unforeseen accidents.

In 2012, a coronal mass ejection (CME) solar storm just missed a possible collision with earth, due to a sudden eruption in sun. Associating, the current situation, scientists say if such thing is repeated today, the human kind is all set to witness a massive a technological disaster like destroyed satellites, non-functional GPS system.

As far as the costs are concerned Llyod’s pointed out that to prevent from such solar storm will cost somewhere between $600 billion and $2.6 trillion.