This Cannabis Dispensary Directory Is Blowing Up

Recently, as the public interest in cannabis has grown so much and four new states legalized marijuana, we discovered a great new website tracking cannabis dispensaries around the country called Dispensary Genie. Here is what we learned when we interviewed them about their project.

As the legalization of cannabis continues to spread across the United States, picking up some should be easier than ever – right? Consumers with all levels of cannabis experience are discovering that finding a place to purchase cannabis legally using other dispensary listing sites can be almost as frustrating as waiting for ‘their dude’ was in the days of prohibition. That is because these sites are often jam-packed with advertisements, fake reviews and lack the perspective visitors are looking for.

Fortunately, we are offering a better way to learn more about dispensaries in your area. Dispensary Genie’s commitment to providing cannabis consumers with an easy to use comprehensive way to learn more about your favorite local dispensaries in a concise and clean format is reflected in our slogan ‘unlimited wishes’. Here you can find essential info like hours and customer requirements (ex: age, recreational, medical card), phone numbers and addresses, as well as the story behind your favorite dispensary. Our fast-loading, easy-to-use site design allows you to conveniently make a call to the dispensary of your choice or get directions with one touch.

Dispensary Genie has more than just the basics. We let you know what to expect when you visit a particular dispensary. You can explore the interior of each cannabis business as well as their underlying philosophy. Some dispensaries are ideal for a quick stop to pick up familiar products while others are best for browsing the variety of products and absorbing the customer experience they have to offer.

In your searches for dispensaries online, you’ve likely noticed they can be inundated with spammy reviews. The volume of these irrelevant messages can make it difficult to get an accurate feel for the establishment. Every review left on Dispensary Genie is from an actual customer – not the business itself, a bot or other malicious actors.

Even if you already have a go-to dispensary, you can use Dispensary Genie to keep your finger on the latest industry news. When CBD products started to become mainstream, we compiled a CBD Gummy Gift Guide, CBD Drops and Tinctures Gift Guide and recently, the best CBD cigarettes of 2021. For those new to cannabis, introduction topics are also covered in a lot of other posts such such as vaping vs smoking, buying from your friend vs buying from a dispensary, your first time trying edibles, and knowing the difference between marijuana and hemp among other topics.

While the directory is rather new, it’s already gaining traction because of the shear wealth of information on marijuana dispensaries that it provides, as well as its presence as an informational resource on the cannabis industry in general. If you haven’t yet heard about it, we suggest you check them out right away and bookmark them as they are sure to become a leading source of cannabis.

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