CDC Cancels Climate Change Conference in February

A major, almost overnight shift of Democrat to Republican values in the White House has yielded chilling effects throughout the country, climate change being affected the most

Yesterday, Badlands National Park had tweeted pro-climate change scientific data, only to be taken down hours later and a statement released by the park saying the person who tweeted was a “former employee who was not authorized” to use the Twitter account. This was amid the gag-order placed on the Environmental Protection Agency and the complete removal of all mentions of the word “climate change” on the White House website.

And today the CDC has announced via their mailing list that they are postponing their February conference on climate change and did not offer up a reason. The American Public Health Association’s executive director, Georges Benjamin, said agency officials decided to preemptively call off the event:

“They ran it up the flagpole and realized that it was so close to the inauguration, the chances of it being canceled were pretty real with the administration that was coming in. Some might argue they should have said, ‘We’re going to do this and make them tell us no.’ But that was the decision they made. We should think of this as a strategic retreat.”


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