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12 Amazing New Technologies To Check Out This Year

It seems that every year there are new technologies coming out that are even more amazing than what the previous year held. From self-driving cars to robots entering daily lives, the world is changing at an incredibly fast rate. Click the ‘Next’ button below to see 12 new technologies on the scene in 2016!

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  1. This 3D-Printing Pothole Repairing Robot
  2. This Hoverboard Actually Hovers
  3. Self-Driving Cars Are Coming To A Highway Near You
  4. Turning Segways Into Robots
  5. This Passenger Drone Takes You For A Ride
  6. This Shirt Is A Biometric Wearable Computer
  7. This Spoon Tells You When To Stop Eating
  8. This Refrigerator Can Also Help You With Your Diet
  9. Into Mountain Biking? Then This May Be A Godsend
  10. This Basketball Trains You To Be A Better Player
  11. Snoring Just Got A Whole Lot Quieter
  12. These Contact Lenses Eliminate The Need For Bifocals
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Showtime’s ‘Dark Net’ Uncovers Deep Web Internet Culture

Through the internet, the impact of technology on our lives is both unprecedented and undeniable.

From cyber relationships, S&M culture and child abuse to biohacking, content moderation and nootropics, Dark Net finally puts into moving pictures what blogs have been typing up a storm about for the past few years.

At first glance the show seems like your run-of-the-mill cyber culture documentary, but the topics being explored are of a much more taboo persuasion — and it’s not just the underground pedophile networks accessed via Tor we’re talking about.

While Dark Net covers a lot of ground in technology subculture, it also serves as a bit of a transhumanist playground, discussing cutting edge and controversial topics such as RFID chip implants and other biohacks, nootropics, artificial intelligence girlfriends, and more. The main topic, however, seems to be the nature of human relationships being altered, augmented, and even hindered by technology, and it’s not difficult to understand why.

Through the internet, the impact of technology on our lives is both unprecedented and undeniable. Exploring subcultures and trends such as sadomasochism, porn addiction, and even internet addiction, Dark Net attempts to bring to light some otherwise undisclosed topics the most people refuse to talk about openly.

Dark Net is on Showtime, Thursday nights.

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Aduro Universal Bike Mount Is A Must Have

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12 Awesome New Gadgets On The Market Today

2. Aduro U-GRIP PLUS Bike Mount – Universal Bike, Motorcycle, Handlebar, Roll Bar Mount for Smart Phones

Probably one of the greatest things about a smartphone is that you can use it anytime and anywhere. But you need two hands for your bike…. well, stress no more! Welcome to the universal bike mount for your iphone or droid!

Simply attach this mount to your handlebars and use your smartphone for making phone calls, looking up directions, even surf the web while you ride. With a headset, you could control the entire thing with your voice as well!

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Virtual Reality 3D Glasses For Smartphones Are Really Cool

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12 Awesome New Gadgets On The Market Today

9. KREN 3D IMAX VR Virtual Reality Headset 3D VR Glasses For 4~6 inch Smartphones for 3D Movies and Games

We finally reached the point in time where movie glasses are not only a reality but affordable and plentiful. Watch movies and TV in your own little private theater right on your face! What’s more is this is used with your smartphone. How cool is that?!


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Use WiFi Smart LED Light Bulbs To Create Your Favorite Atmosphere

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12 Awesome New Gadgets On The Market Today

10. WiFi Smart LED Light Bulb – Control lights with your phone!

I first saw this almost a year ago and thought it was the greatest thing ever. These lights are pre-programmable to your liking. With the phone app, you can dim the lights, change the colors, create automation and schedules. The possibilities really open up once you think about hacking the app and the hardware itself!


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12 Awesome New Gadgets On The Market Today

This article is part of a series:
12 Awesome New Gadgets On The Market Today

From audio activated light-up t-shirts to smartphone wifi activated light bulbs, some of the most interesting tech gadgets of the past year have been more than awe-inspiring.

If you’re a gadget freak like me, you’ll be happy to find some of the greatest new inventions below, things that make you wonder what they’ll think of next. Some of the following gadgets are mezemerizing, some are practical, but all are down-right cool.

While 2015 is coming to a close, there are sure to be some new gadgets around the corner and before the end of the year, too! In the meantime, check out these new electronics that make it exciting to live in 2015.


1. Siva Atom – Bicycle-powered USB Battery Charger!

A gadget fully funded by Kickstarter, this is great for busy, on-the-go people who bike a lot or even for people who use exercise bikes. Make the best use of your time and energy by charging a battery with your bike! It converts the momentum of your bike ride into energy to power your favorite electronics such as Android and iPhone smartphones, GoPro cameras, lights, gps, bluetooth speakers and other devices that can be powered by USB alone.

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