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New York Comic-Con 2016 Will Be Stan Lee’s Final Appearance

When it comes to geek culture, Stan Lee may perhaps be the top superhero of them all. As the creator of some of the most famous and recognizable characters out of comic book history, seeing Lee speaking and appearing at comic book conventions and related conventions was more than just a demand, but almost a right. That’s why when he recently announced that this year’s NYC Comic Con will be his last appearance, it’s already shaking up the comic book community.

At an impressive 93 years of age, Stan Lee is typically high-spirited and full of smiles, but that doesn’t mean he is without his problems, particularly his health. The old ticker got a pacemaker put in in 2012, for example, and while Lee hasn’t given an official reason for retiring from Comic Con appearances, it’s most likely that it’s simply too much excitement for an old geezer like him.

Furthermore, in a Radio Times interview earlier this year, Lee revealed that both his sight and hearing are getting tougher and more difficult, though he did say that he is otherwise in good health. Of course there are other factors besides his health that could take a toll on his appearances, and that includes all the movie and television work that Marvel is doing, which most likely takes up a bit of his time through contract negotiations surrounding rights

Bryan Cranston + Philip K. Dick + TV Series = AWESOME

UK’s Channel 4 has commissioned Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad fame to produce a 10-episode TV series based on the work of legendary science fiction author Philip K. Dick’s short stories. Each episode will be a stand-alone story and written by Battlestar Galactica and Outlander producer Ronald D. Moore.

All this is said to rival Netflix’s revival of Black Mirror, also a sci-fi anthology series, which ceased airing due to failed negotiations for a third season. Despite it’s critical acclaim and global phenomenon, Channel 4 believed Black Mirror belonged on its publicly owned network rather than the private sector, but Mirror’s producers felt otherwise.

Today, Channel 4 hopes to fill the gap left by Black Mirror with a sure-to-be anticipated new sci-fi series headed by two of the best people for the job in Hollywood. Will it be all it’s cracked up to be? Most likely. The critical acclaim both Cranston and Moore have far exceeds that of the creators of Black Mirror, and that says a lot.

Inspector Gadget Was The Goofiest Cyborg

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10 Best Cinematic Cyborgs

Maybe the most lighthearted Cyborg across the history of cinema, this goofy inspector was basically the super high-tech offspring of James Bond and Inspector Clouseau from the Pink Panther franchise.

Although he’s a total goober, his unending stream of gadgets make him one of film’s most iconic and versatile cybernetic humans, and his trademark “Go-Go-Gadget” commands still factor heavily into our fondest childhood memories.

Most notably, his coiled spring legs, extendable arms, and hat-mounted helicopter blades made Inspector Gadget one beloved cyborg – even though he was played by Matthew Broderick.


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