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Cards Against Humanity Brings Dark Nihilist Humor To The Forefront

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The first time I played this game, I wasn’t entirely sure what the object was because everyone I was playing with was severely drunk. And that, my friends, is the reason this game exists!

A quick glance at the Amazon reviews sums up the general philosophy behind the fad, with prompts ranging from “What do amputees, smallpox, Miley Cyrus, and nipple blades have in common?” to “This Game Will Ruin Your Life”, proving there’s no shortage of self-annihilating humor in the party game that is quickly becoming an American pastime of the 21st century.

“I just wanted to laugh at the world for a bit and someone recommended Cards Against Humanity to me,” says Jillian Andrews of New York. “We play it all the time now, especially after a rough day….of f*cking.”

The object of the game isn’t to win. And if I have to tell you it’s to lose then you’ve already lost. The only real win in this game is completely wasting your time for a little while, and that’s perfectly alright, at least to most