6 Jobs That Could Be Replaced By Robots in 15 Years

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jobs replaced by robots

When I first read that an accountant or bookkeeper would be unnecessary, I thought, “Nah, there’s a lot of reasons to have a human go over my financials,” but as I thought about it further I realized how off-base I was. Why? Because computers are more efficient at number crunching. It soon hit me that almost all jobs could eventually be replaced by robots and computers.

1. Delivery (Mail, cargo, even food!)

We already know about drones, of course. They’re used primarily for dropping bombs on innocent people in the Middle East, but they’re also now beginning to be used for delivering cargo over there as well. In fact, they’re so prevalent in Afghanistan that news reporters are actually giving drone forecasts (I shit you not). While flying drones are the current standard, it’s becoming increasingly clear that self-driving cars will be handling package delivery in the near future as well.

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