DNC Voter Expansion Data Director Seth Rich Mysteriously Murdered In Washington

Amidst a growing case of election fraud against the Democratic National Committee, a key witness would have been Seth Rich, the Voter Expansion Data Director. He was shot and killed early Sunday morning.

Rich, 27, from Omaha, NE, had been the Voter Expansion Data Director for two years at the DNC headquarters in Washnigton D.C. when he was mysteriously shot and killed by an unknown assailant this past weekend.

Police told the press they heard gunshots at around 4:19am and found Rich unconscious and breathing, suffering multiple gunshot wounds, two of them in the back. He died shortly after.

Currently, no arrests have been made, no eyewitnesses have come forward and police say that none of Rich’s bodily possessions were stolen, so it is unlikely that it was a robbery. Rich’s mother, Mary, told NBC the police informed her that there were signs of a struggle including bruises to Rich’s face, hands and knees, and that he had been shot in the back twice.

The Voter Expansion Data Director is responsible for handling the Democratic party’s voter database and making it easier for voters to find polling locations and register to vote. As the director, Rich was a high-level DNC staffer who oversaw and troubleshot problems related to voter database problems and, as the title implies, expanding the database. He would be a key witness in an investigation into election fraud and voter suppression within the Democratic party during the 2016 Democratic primary.

Police have not released any information on a possible suspect and are asking anyone with information to call them at: (202) 727-9099. D.C. Police offer rewards of up to $25,000 for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for homicides in D.C.