boston dynamics robot

16 Ways To Destroy A Boston Dynamics Robot

Those fascinating robots are about to make our lives very disturbing. Here are some of the ways people have thought of to fight against them if they ever turn on us feeble humans.

1. EMP Weapons

2. Lava
– how to create DIY

3. Sledge hammers
– where to buy

4. Motor Vehicles
– legal implications
– how to hotwire a car

5. Magnet
– where to purchase
– how it works

6. Stairs
– push down the stairs
– lead to stairs

7. Gravity
– gravity in general: stairs, cliff, roof of building

8. A bucket of water
– even a glass of water, though it may not be enough

9. Water balloons
– in fact, liquid filled balloons of any kind can do an array of damage. Sticky stuff is best, but anything that is electricity conductive is going to hurt a drone’s system.

10. Tar

11. Paper mache

12. A ditch

13. A cliff

14. A virus

15. Gauss rifle

16. Grape jelly
– a surprisingly conundrum-inducing substance

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